Top 10 Tips for First Time Dog Owners

Tips for first time dog owners

Welcoming a new puppy or adult dog into your family is an extremely overwhelming, and responsible task.

It may be challenging at times, yet exciting to raise a dog in the right way but it’s better to have knowledge about their needs.

Here are 10 tips for first-time dog owners.

Do Research:

The first task before taking the responsibility is to research a dog’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing (socialization, training) so that it helps you to make your new pet comfortable at home. 

They may reject cooperation with you, but knowing their habits temperaments well in advance may help you to get along with them easily.



Basic Needs:

Keep a list ready of their basic needs like medicine, proper nutrition, grooming items, good shelter, treats, toys, etc that will give a positive response and will create a favorable environment to manage for both of you.

Find a Vet:

Consult with a good veterinary doctor and follow the instructions to know in detail about your dog. 

Doctors will guide you through proper nutrition, grooming, emergency medicine that need to be stored in your house.

Train your Dog:

Dogs do well when you train them in your own way. It gives them a sense and idea of your house rules and regulations, and how to behave and socialize indoors and outdoors.

Training helps build their basic social habits and gesture making them obedient, polite, and gentle. It creates a positive bond between you and the pet as it helps them know you better.

Exercise and Socialize:

Every dog needs exercise for its personal development and socialization depending on its breed and age. A regular routine has to be maintained to go for a walk and make them get along with other neighbor dogs or to explore the surroundings to help them be social.

Raise the Dog Correctly: 

Once you adopt a puppy it is obligatory on your part to grow them up with proper training to be polite, gentle, socialize with other neighbor dogs, cats, children, spend ample time to play and make fun with them to raise a happy dog.

Vaccination Details:

Always check the health of your dog and the vaccination schedules that will help him prevent common diseases. Track the vaccine schedule to avoid any health issue. You should also gather the idea of vaccination charges to set your expense.

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Good Food Selection:

Nutritious food and good food are the foundation for their health and happiness. Try to follow their food habits that is been recommended by the doctors. Learn about the basic canine nutrition and accordingly choose your pet’s diet. 

But one thing for sure is that there is no ideal diet, if they are happy with a certain diet routine then it is completely fine.



Health Issues:

Despite taking care of your dog to the fullest, some health problems are bound to come in your way. Take necessary steps to encounter emergency situations and other related problems. 

Keep an eye on their regular grooming like combing, nail trimming, dental care, etc to lessen the impact of their health issues.



Behavior Setback a Concern:

Despite providing training or before training you may have to encounter behavioral issues. They may come up with destructive chewing, excessive barking, aggressiveness, or even may show up anxiety, separation from owners, or urinating inappropriately. 

Having patience and trying to understand their emotion, what actually they want to say, or what they are expecting from you is ideal.

Never Force for anything:

Every dog is different from the other. It may take some time for your pet to get accustomed to your training, and surroundings. 

Do not lose patience, rather have to continue to try to get along with your pet in the way they want to.  Forcing to interact with some strangers or other dogs is not recommended. Make them feel comfortable the way they are.

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