10 Weird Cat Behaviours And Meanings


Wondering why your feline companion is behaving weirdly at times! Getting aware of the nature of cat behaviours with their meaning will make your life more compatible and easier.

They usually give you some clues with their body languages. Feeling confused with her craziness is not uncommon among owners but dealing with it dynamically by giving enough significance and love is what is called a successful cat parent. 

Going deep into their mind will help you to learn all their actions, expressions, and tantrums thereby developing the ability to control and calm them down with your magical creativity.

10 Weird Cat Behaviour With Meaning
Head Butts

If you find your cat butting her head against you it’s nothing but a way of showing love and affection for you. They like to get cuddled in a way where they are in a position to get enough love from you and have a feeling of making you among their group or ownership.  It is a way where they express their greetings after a long tiring day.

Eating Non-Food Items:

It is a matter of concern when you see your cat is interested in nonfood items like plastic, metals, cloths, woods, etc. The exact cause is not yet pinpointed but may result from mineral deficiency, anemia, hypertension, boredom, stress, etc., in your cat, expert says. 

This strange behavior, also known as pica, can lead to choking, intestinal blockage, and other serious issues. Therefore, you should take your cat to the vet as soon as possible.

Awaken All Night:

It is too tiring if you find your kitty is not sleeping in the nighttime but rather busy playing the whole night. It is behavior among cats that they tend to acquire from their ancestors who might have a habit of hunting during the night. 

Make sure to keep your cat active during the daytime in these cases by entertaining her with lots of toys, playing and jumping around, etc., so that at least she gets tired and might have a chance to get sleepy anyway. 

Offering your cat a small meal just before bedtime also helps make her fall asleep at night.

Litter Failure:

It is annoying when you come to know your cat is practicing her work outside the litter box. While in these cases, it is a behavioral or medical disorder, and you need to seek the vet’s help immediately. 

Medical Conditions that include such behavior are colitis, constipation, or anal sac disease. Urinary Tract conditions such as cystitis, infection, bladder stone, etc., also contribute to such conditions among cats. 

Behavioral Disorder Includes:

Anxiety, stress, discomfort associated with visitors, relocating the litter box, space limitations, and other maintenance issues.


Kneading is a very familiar kind of action found among cats. You often encounter such activities when they knead things with their paws in the way of manhandling. 

Usually, kitties used to practice this action with their mommies when needed milk, and it’s from then that they are in the habit of kneading things, whether on your lap, thighs, or other household soft materials, etc. 

Kneading is also an expression of feeling relaxed and comfortable in feline groups. Therefore, they often trim their nails to make the practice free of dangers.

Raising Back:

Do not get upset when your cat shows you its butt or raises its tail at you. It is an expression of feeling highly affectionate to you and might be in a mood to hug and kiss you rather.

In return for affection, scratch and cuddle your cat in the area where they prefer to be.

Knocking Things Down:

Love for your fur baby is eternal, but it feels confusing and frustrating to deal with the knocking-down habits of the practical or household things without any reason. 

They have compassionate paws and thus often push and hit things to check them out or seek your attention. 

Keep your valuables belongings in a safe place to avoid any breakage or prevent it from being lost.

Continuously covering Their Poop:

You will notice that your purr baby is often busy covering up its poop. But don’t be annoyed as it is typical behavior among cats, and believe it or not, all of them practice the same.

By practicing this action, they mark and claim the territory as a feline group area. It’s a feeling of comfort for them when they scent and sniff their poop and pee and come to know that this place belongs to their group.

Hiding Food:

When your kitty pretends to be hiding up her food after having it slightly? Wild cats often practice this procedure to keep their food safe from others. Surprisingly, it is one of the fussy instinctive behaviors that make them do so. 

Therefore, it is normal and a sign of being over particular when you find your cat scratching around its food bowl and covering it up frequently.


Don’t feel afraid when you hear a chattering sound from your cat, because it’s true your cat gets excited when they see any bird sitting in its way. They make some uncomfortable sounds from their teeth while following the bird. 

Experts say this unusual expression is due to their aggravation that birds move freely around while inside a house. It may also be a natural instinctive behavior of a cat to prepare herself for the hunt of prey.

But if you’re confused and notice something too weird, feel free to contact us. Book an online vet consultation or vet visit at home service  now!

Onpets is always at your service to help your furry-buddy! 

Source: petmd.com

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