5 Signs Your Cat Loves You And How To Return The Favour


What else to wish for when you have the most incredible gift with you, the love of a cat. It is said that when things go wrong, hug your cat. 

Yes, your furry friend indeed possesses the power to heal you in your difficult times with the unconditional love, care, and emotion they feel for you.

To get into their endearing nature, you need to understand your purr babies’ nerves by simplifying the signs of love for you. Here are five signs that prove that your cat loves you!

5 Signs Your Cat Loves You
How to know my cat likes me
Head Butting Game

Often you will find your purr baby is butting her head against you. It is nothing but a kind of communication for them to express their affection and love for you.

They rub their body against you to play and cuddle, which is an indication that they feel secure safe, and comfortable with you. 

Rubbing their body is also practiced by them to spread their pleasant distinctive smell to others to keep track that they belong to their feline group and buddies.

 Stretch. Roll. Belly Up!

Experts have found that cats usually show their tummy when they feel highly affectionate toward you. Stretching and rolling in front of you are all an indication of their happy state of mind.

It is a way they try to make you feel that they trust you and are safe and comfortable along with your company.

Tail Around Legs and Arms

Cat’s tail talks, and hence if you want to be more precise on your purr friend’s mood, try to follow her tail. 

An erect tail tells that they are frightened, but when their tail is swishy, be sure they are confident and feel extremely happy to be with you. 

Their curled tail around your leg or arm is a communication form where they want to make you know that you are her friend. When your pet is interested in friendship, she will only get involved with such actions.

Following Around

One of the most common behaviors among pets is they enjoy following their owners. Don’t be disturbed or distracted if you find your kitten following you like a shadow. 

When they are delighted with your company, they will follow you room to room and enjoy sitting on you or your couch to get most of the time with you. 

These features are nothing but their way of communication that they love and care for you and make a sense that you are among their buddies.

Bites and Blinks

You are not comfortable with the sharp-edged teeth bites, but believe it or not, your cat has nothing to do with it. 

Biting is a way of showing love and affection for those they care for. Often you can come across this type of action where they enjoy giving small bites, which are pretty standard for them.

Another action to make sure if your kitty loves you or not is eye contact and slow blinks. 

You will find your cat is making eye contact with you often, which means they are comfortable with you and feels pleasant in your presence, along with slow blinks of eyes. It’s a gesture of happiness for them.

How To Return The Favour?
They Love Attention!

Cats are attention seekers. The more you give them, the more importance they’ll feel loved. But make sure to provide them with enough space as well. Cats don’t like to damage their private time, eh!

It may simply be lap cuddling each evening or sharing a pillow on the bed at night. Sitting quietly with a cat’s adoring gaze across the room says volumes.

Blink Slowly and Gaze Lovingly Into Her Eyes

While it might not be the most pleasant experience for your cat to receive kisses (and she might think you’re crazy if you try), you can “kiss” her in a kitty manner by meeting her loving gaze. A cat’s way of showing affection is to slowly close its eyes while looking at someone they trust.

Getting down on her level, meeting her gaze, and slowly blinking back at her can return this display. Kitty will clearly understand what you are trying to convey.

Cats Love Massage

A simple stroke gives your cat an all-over feel-good massage that lowers your blood pressure and that of your cat. Make sure you pay particular attention to areas he likes, such as the base of the tail and the cheeks.

Mimic Her Voice

Chatty cats typically reserve special meows, coos, or trills for humans they are close to. Recreate her sounds when you feel close to her. As a result, she will understand it as a gesture of affection from you, and you will be nurturing her safety, security, and love.

Cat Grooming

The majority of cats’ waking hours are spent grooming themselves. You can still show your love for her by grooming her, human-style. 

Give her a gentle brush. Some cats even enjoy having a warm, damp cloth rubbed along their heads and backs since it takes them back to the tongue baths their moms gave them when they were kittens.

Treats! Treats!

Providing your pets with treats is a wonderful way to show them you care. When you get home from work or when you wake up in the morning, greet your cat with a treat. She will feel loved and pampered. Keep an eye on her preferences like flavors and type.

You can also appreciate her with a treat, especially after a well-behaved visit to the vet or after a good bath!

Don’t Skip the Vet

Okay, so your cat may not approve of a trip to the vet as a sign of affection, but she won’t hold it against you either! And even though a vet visit is probably not your cat’s favorite thing to do, it is paws down one of the best ways you can show you care.

Cats are masters at hiding signs of sickness and discomfort. Without regular check-ups, you could miss an important chance to diagnose and cure small health issues before they become severe.

Say “I love you” to your purr-machine by taking care of her health so that she can enjoy a long, happy life with her favorite hooman! Book an online vet consultation  or vet visit at home service  now!

Onpets is always at your service to help your fur-baby! 

So go and find out these signs. To build a better relationship and enhanced affection with your pet.

Source: petmd.com

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