5 Signs Your Pet Dog Loves You And How To Return The Favour


Love from your pet dog is eternal, whatever the action might be!

It feels great when you come to know your little fur friend shares the same emotion for you as you do. It’s their words, after all, which they put into action and expression.

Knowing their signs when they are happy and love you limitlessly will help you create a more robust, closer bond than ever.

The art of loving you may vary from pet to pet, but the general signs of love remain the same and unconditional. Here are 5 signs that prove your dog loves you:

5 Signs Your Pet Dog Loves You
signs that your dog loves you
Setting An Eye Contact

If you find your fur baby gazing at you without any reason, it’s nothing other than his love for you. Maintaining eye contact with you gives your pup mental peace and comfort, thereby releasing a love hormone called Oxytocin from the brain. 

Moreover, eye contact helps both of you as it enhances the deep bonding between you two by sharing a relationship of mutual understanding and trust. 

Communicate with them in the same eye contact to make them feel delighted. Raising eyebrows is a good gesture of expressing love for them.

Licking You Often

Licking you or their loved ones is another sign of expressing care and love for you. Once they feel safe and secure with you automatically, they return it to you by licking and cuddling with respect. 

It’s a form of spending some personal happy time with you.  Your pet prefers to make love with you by licking your face, hands, and feet, thereby expecting the same emotion from you. 

Licking is also a way of communication to draw your attention towards them or might be trying to say something to you, depending on the situation. 

Treat your pet dog equally with cuddles and hugs often to make them understand your pleasure and gladness.

Maintaining a Gentle Touch

Like other signs, this is among the common fact that your pet will try to be in touch with you. They prefer to lie down along with you by sharing your bed or your couch. 

It’s a genuine expression of unconditional love for them to lean with their backside touched with you when sitting ideally or enjoying your company any time of the day. 

Sharing physical affection gives ultimate pleasure and comfort to your pet, be it sitting in your lap or close to your space.

Sit with them whenever you can and maintain a soft lean of touch to return his favor of love.

Following You Around

Whether you enjoy it or not doesn’t matter! Your four-legged is following you once they start loving you. 

They are in extreme thirst of getting your company all the time if they love you. They want to feel you all around by following you from room to room. 

Following you around is a genuine gesture of pets love, and hence they prefer to stick to you only when they love and care for you. 

Spend ample time with your pet to make them feel honored in your life.

Share Toys With You To Play

You may find your pup is carrying his toys to you. It’s none other than his love saying let’s play together. Their mind becomes so kind to you that they are ready to share their belongings like toys without any hesitation.

Bringing a broken toy to you indicates fixing it, which develops a sense that they completely trust and believe you. 

It makes you happy even as they feel so glad getting played with the same toy. It is a sign of positivity when they enjoy playing with you.

Play and walk with your pup as much as you can to give a feeling of return love and affection. Your actions decode the message that even you have the same feeling for him as he does. 


Once your pet starts trusting and gaining confidence in you, they will never leave you. Their inbuilt instinct will drive them toward you concerning whatever situation you are in. 

Their love is infinite, and therefore even they expect you to express your positive feelings for them.

Make sure to treat them with love and fun-filled life as they cost nothing as a return for the favor. Say “love you too” to your woofy-buddies by taking care of their health so that they can enjoy a long, happy and healthy life with their favorite hooman!

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Source: petmd.com

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