7 Things You Should Know Before Adopting a Cat: Tips for New Meow-Parents


Cats are really gentle and entertaining to handle. Before committing parenthood of a cat, one must be sure of whether one is capable of taking the huge responsibility or not. Here are 7 things you should know before adopting a cat:

Be Confident before Committing:

Whenever you decide to adopt a cat make sure to plan for some changes in your routine as we need to have ample time and energy to play with them and keep them happy. Kitties are more self-dependent than dogs surely but they demand more companions, love, and affection from the owners in general.

Decide the Cat Breed:

Cats are available in various breeds, so please research the breeds that suit you the most along with their physical characteristics, temper, and the related diseases they might suffer from or whether they will fit your lifestyle. 

Knowing their features will help you to prepare yourself well in advance and to make an idea of the budget required for the whole journey.

Buy the Essentials for the cat:

Make early arrangements of their basic needs to make them feel secure and safe by introducing them to their new world from the very first day. 

Stock their essential items like litter box set up, food, bowls, freshwater source access, toys, and Collar ID tags, etc.

Scratch-proof home:

Ensure safety and security from the first day. They might be shy at first but giving them a separate space with bedding and providing a cat-friendly environment at home will help them to mingle with your family members fast. Set up scratch zones at your home as this will prevent your furniture from being damaged.

Time to Play:

You have to make sure that your pet is occupied with activities that encourage playfulness among them. Playing with brisk exercise helps them to be happy and healthy.

Also help your cat to socialize with neighboring cats, dogs, and others as well.

Find a Veterinarian for Your Cat:

Maintain a relationship with a veterinary doctor who will be briefing you on the food habits of cats with other related health issues of them. Doctors will guide you on the medicines that should be stored at your home to avoid emergencies. They will help you provide treatment of fleas which is a common problem in cats.

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Vaccination Track:

Vaccinating against major feline diseases is essential. You have to keep track of the vaccination card and accordingly make out time from your schedules to vaccinate your kitty.

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Source: petmd.com

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