A-Z Summer Guide For Pet Rabbit

Summer care for pet rabbit

Extra care and extreme attention are what your pet rabbit demands during summer. The rising temperatures will make it difficult for your bunny.

Help your rabbit to stay cool this summer thus escaping from overheating followed by heatstroke. Check out some courses of action for cool summer survival.

Airconditioned Room Or Cooler!

Don’t hesitate to keep them in an airconditioned room or provide cooler during the peak hours of hotness. Rabbits are extremely delicate animals when had to fight the summer blows.  

Let your AC on even if you are not present in the room or house because they may not be able to bear the extreme temperature and can be affected by the scorching heat. 

They are prone to heatstroke due to their long fur coat and inability to sweat. They fail to regulate their body temperature with the rising heat and thus accommodating them in an AC room is the safest option of all.

Avoid Top Floors

Shift your rabbit to the basement or ground floor of your house as the top floors are going to be the hottest of all rooms. 

The ceramic or marble tiled surface is the best option for your bunny this summer. Let them lie down on these surfaces as much as possible to get them acquainted and cool off with the temperature change.

Spray Behind Their Ears

It is the rabbit’s ears that release body heat. Help them to regulate their temperature by spraying light amounts of mist behind their ears several times a day.

Be very cautious while performing this act. Moisture can form inside your rabbit’s ear resulting in infection if water goes inside the ears by mistake.

Use Frozen Ice Packs

Placing frozen water bottles or ice packs inside their enclosure is really a good idea to make them cope with the temperature change. They often lean against those frozen icy packs to get the jet cooling effect in just no time. 

Rabbits enjoy spending time laying on to those frozen packs but be sure to wrap them up in a towel to avoid them from chewing those bottles or gel packs directly. 

Do not let your bunny’s fur get soaked while practicing this process as it can again lead to health issues later.

No Bedding Required

Do not stuff your furry friend’s enclosure with lots of bedding sets. Their body temperature is enough hot during summer days and hence it’s better to make them stay away from bedding sets. 

Use the minimum amount of bedding required if your rabbit is litter trained, or give them other options like space to sprawl on a cool surface thereby making themselves cooler.

Air Circulation Is A Must For Rabbits

Use ceiling fans or table fans to keep on the air circulation surrounding their environment. Let the doors and windows be opened to welcome the fresh air where your rabbit is placed. 

Do not blow the fan directly onto your rabbit as it can lead to respiratory discomfort for them. Proper air circulation helps to avoid any suffocating situation.

Keep Hydrating Them

Like human beings even rabbits need to stay hydrated this summer. Make them drink enough freshwaters they like to have. Continue refilling the water bowl or bottle according to their demand. 

Put some ice cubes into their water so that they get an extra soothing feel from the drink. The icy effect will keep the water cooler for a long time even. 

Serve them freshly washed leaves to eat with cold water to get the maximum freshness and hydration from the food.

Groom your Rabbit

Beat the heat and reduce the summer stress with extraordinary care.

Practice brushing your rabbit often to bring out the extra fur that is already shredded but stuck in his body. 

Frequent grooming makes him feel free from tangles thereby giving a refreshing feel as the fur coat will be more manageable and lightweight then.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Body heat will increase rapidly if your rabbit is exposed to direct sunlight. Keep them in shaded places to fight against the heat and reduce the discomfort thereafter. 

Remember your bunny is prone to heatstroke and therefore accommodating them to a shaded place will reduce his discomfort to an extent.

In case you find any suspicious behaviour feel free to contact us. Book an online vet consultation  or vet visit at home service  now! Onpets is always at your service to help your fur-baby! 

Source: petmd.com

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