Introducing Bajaj Allianz
Pet Dog Insurance Policy
Bajaj Allianz Pet Dog Insurance Policy Starting from ₹315/year

Want to know more about dog insurance policy?

Bajaj Allianz Pet Dog Insurance Policy, which covers hospitalisation, surgery expenses, accidental fracture and much more!

Dog Insurance

Coverage Comprehensive

Affordable Vet Consultation Kolkata

Premium Starting from ₹315/year

Easy ongoing pet care support

Policy Tenure 1 Year

Why You Should Buy Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance gives you a more comprehensive option of treatments for dental issues, parasite-borne diseases, cataracts, fractures, pregnancy complications, etc., depending on your chosen policy. When pets age, they may need to use additional healthcare facilities, which pet insurance covers. understanding of all things connected to your pets’ dietary requirements.

It is also possible for pets to suffer from significant illnesses, which can be very costly to treat. You can save money on expensive medical treatments and hospitalization by getting pet insurance for your pup.

You can choose from various policies depending on your budget and pet’s needs. 

You can add additional benefits in your Dog Insurance Plan such OPD cover, Theft or Loss, Third Party Liability and more