Dog Walking Tips: Dos and Don'ts

Tips for dog walking

Walking is more amusing when the companion is your dog. It builds for you the scope to feel the togetherness with your loving friend and spend some quality time.   

Walking is a therapy package filled with goodness like physical activities and mental stimulation and associated with the outside world. It creates a comfortable space between you both, resulting in a progressed understanding and a dense bonding. 

The relationship and the connection to the surrounding environment grow thicker when you abide by specific walking tips and their dos and don’ts.

Let Your Dog Follow You:

Remember to make your dogs clearly understand that you are their master, and they have to follow you whenever outside the house. 

Call your dog by his name and have him walk behind you or by your side. This will prevent him from going to other sides of the road.

This will let you stay confident and composed while making the walk more organized and comfortable.

Allow Them To Sniff Around:

It might be disgusting and time-killing at times to stay outside for a long time with your dog, but for his sake, never pull him from sniffing around as it is one of the most potent means of communication with the outside world for them. 

Dogs possess a scent receptor that is 10,000 times more powerful than a human being, and literally, they get to know their surroundings and neighbors and friends through this practice. They make others understand their existence through their scent receptor organ, called Jacobson’s organ only. 

They pee around to mark their existence and smell around similarly to get to know the presence of other animals nearby. It is all about making friends and drawing their territory in their way. 

They feel the world through their nose and therefore do not drag them away when actively practicing their sensory activity.

Leash Them Well But Not Too Short:

It is better to leash your dog correctly to avoid unwanted circumstances like injuries whenever you are out of your comfort zone. 

It is equally important to see the comfort and liberty factor as it is the only time they explore themselves to the outside world and get the maximum of it within a specific period on their own. 

Remember, dogs generally tend to pull back opposite reflux when you pull them nearer to you to get control of them.

It is recommended not to use retractable leashes for those dogs who have the habit of continuously pulling and going out of reach often.

Do not let your dog step onto hot surfaces:

It is mandatory on your part to check the surface or pavements before you accompany your furry friend to walk, or else it can lead to burning and injuries to your dog’s paws.

Evening, night or early morning can be a better option to avoid heat and illness.

Avoid stranger dogs:

Do not let your dog mingle with other stranger dogs without the other owner’s permission. As the reaction to the unfamiliar dogs is never the same, your pup might get injured if the other dog does not welcome your puppy in a good way.

Don’t leash off quickly:

Try not to leash off your dog outside your premises, even if it is hard to control them. To avoid abrupt situations, it’s always better to leash them and enjoy them. 

There are marked places for dogs like pet parks where they are allowed to move freely, and it is recommended only then when you can let him leash off but you have to stay alert and supervise continuously!

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