General Care Tips for Pet Birds: Guide for New Bird-Parents

General Care Tips for Pet Birds

Taking care of pet birds is far different from traditional pets at home. Birds are quite self-dependent and hence don’t have to care for them like cats and dogs, rather they are capable of doing it on their own like bathing. 

But the basics remains the same, that is love, affection, and empathy. Here in Onpets, we have listed the general care tips for pet birds:

Selecting the right cage:

The bigger the cage, the happier will be the bird. The cage should have enough place for the bird’s movement so that can practice some wing exercise even.

They like to climb and play hence there must provision it. Give access to sunlight, with 10 to 12 hours of darkness every night. Avoid direct sunlight and prefer a dry warm place. Cover the cage at night to make them feel safe and secure.

Right Diet:

Serve your pet bird with nutritious foods like seeds that are loaded with vitamins.

Do not use dry-packed foods as those may fail to meet up the requirements of your pet. They also prefer to eat milk, fruits, celery, spinach, parsley.


Let Your Pet Birds Socialize and Play:

Interact with your pet bird as much as you can, this will help both of you to understand each other and make a great companion. Some birds talk to their family members as they possess the power to mimic sounds heard by them. Interaction helps them to socialize and thus keeps them active, happy, and healthy.

They like to be engaged in some playing activities with toys and treats at times. Birds like water so give them access to it so that they can play and bathe on their own.

Maintain Hygiene:

Wash and dry their cage regularly and serve them with fresh foods and water to keep them healthy thus maintaining overall hygiene.

Their dishes, bowls, and bath areas should be taken care of equally.

Related Diseases:

Even birds are prone to some common diseases like other pets at home. Salmonella is a disease characterized by ruffled feathers, swollen eyelids, or lethargy.

Other related diseases are avian conjunctivitis, birds mites, bald birds which show up no feathers on the head.


Consult a doctor online if you find any health issues. Onpets provides vet visit at home service as well. Contact Us Now!y


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