How To Keep Your Dog Active On a Rainy Day?


No matter how the weather is, it’s your magical skills after all on how you are going to keep your dog active on a rainy day too. Weather constraints are facts of life and hence not necessarily that your dog would be able to access the outdoors in regular routines.

It is the time when your dog goes to a zero-exercise level, becomes inactive, and may suffer from health issues like stomach upset, loss of appetite, or lethargy. Making them busy with household work or other performances is what they expect from you during the rainy days.  

Challenge lies when you need to put effort into making your doggo’s day active and entertaining throughout those gloomy times. Here are 6 easy tricks on how to turn a boring rainy day into an interesting and fun-filled day for your pup.

Chasing Games

This is a common yet very interesting game to sustain your pup’s activeness on the odd rainy days. Dogs love the practice of chasing things as it’s in their instinctive nature. Make them chase anything they enjoy like balls, bubbles etc to entertain your pup for some time. 

Chasing is a simple technique to keep your baby fur busy and believe it or not 10 minutes of sessions is more than enough to make a day. It requires quality attention with lots of physical activities and fun.

Nose Game:

As we all know their smell organ is 100 times more powerful than any of us, dogs enjoy the game of finding treats and toys, that you might hide in various places behind the furniture. 

Try some yummy foods they like most and hide them somewhere in your house. Let your dog find their favorite dish by sniffing around. You can even hide their toys so that they become eager to bring them out thus remaining busy in their own world during the rainy days.

Don’t forget to praise them once they are successful in finding it out. Repeat the process with different treats and toys as it helps to boost their confidence too.

Shell Games:

Often you can play shell games with your dog for mental stimulation and increased attention. 

Make use of some cups or bowls and put a treat inside one of them. Let your pup see where you are placing the treat and shuffle the bowls thoroughly to make your dog confuse. Ask him to find his treat by his sensitive sniffing practice and continue to play for more fun. 

Shell games are known for their brilliant work in the problem-solving skills of your dog. Do practice these activities with your fur companion for better enlightenment of the mind too.

Tug Of War:

One of the best ways of engaging your dog in the house. It could promote both mental and physical exercise for your dog to a great amount. It demands less space and so gives a good service during monsoon days. 

There are myths working that playing tug of war makes dogs aggressive and dominant once they win, which are actually not true. In fact, they become more obedient and gain huge confidence by winning it. It is a complete fun package for them to win the game with their most affectionate owner. 

Fetching Object:

Throw any ball, bottle, or other toys that they may catch by their mouth firmly and ask them to fetch it and bring it to you back. Repeat the process to make them more engaged and self-assured thus making the day amusing. 

There is no doubt that this type of game really keeps your canine active and happy throughout the day. 

Hide and Seek:

Like a human baby, even your dog urges for a pi ka boo time at home. Play hide and seek inside your house to keep them entertained in the rainy days. 

Ask your pup to find you while you will be making sounds to give hints to your dog regarding where you are actually.

It is a fun-filled game that makes both of you very happy and shares a confident bond ever after.

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