How To Take Care Of Your Pet During Summer


Summer is upon us, and the angular heat is sure to have an effect on the health of your pet. Take care of your pet in summer as much as possible as they may not have the ability to adjust to the sudden temperature rise.

Making the season comfortable and enjoyable is what you have to do right now for their happiness. Help your pet to continue to be playful and frisky by getting them accustomed to the changing season.

Tips For Your Pet During Summer
Keep Your Eyes On:

Make sure that you are keeping track of your pet’s health indicators like excessively drooling, panting, dizziness, or having an increase in the heart rate.  

Suffering from such abnormal conditions is common in summer, if not obeyed by the summer guidelines and recommendations.  

Let your pet have enough liquids diets with ample rest in a cool dry place if any of the symptoms are seen.  Seek the vet’s help depending on the severity of the case.

Frequent Summer Grooming:

Refreshment and reviving of energy are done if you can make your pet shower every day. Give them a mild massage while bathing to feel the comfort utmost and get relaxed. 

Grooming also includes proper brushing of the fur to get away from tangles, routine trimming of nails, with a haircut depending on your pet’s coat.

Take Care of the Parasites:

Help them out to get rid of ticks, fleas, or lice with the onset of summer.  This is the time when pets are prone to parasites more. 

Ticks get active in non-freezing temperatures making your pet feel more uncomfortable followed by a scratching nightmare. 

Fever and vomiting are common in summer due to ticks. Feel free to consult the veterinarian for your pet to discourage such conditions.

Get ready with an anti-tick spray to keep them away from such problems.

Serve Summer Foods:

Fill your pet’s summer with lots of liquid diets. Let them enjoy the juicy watery summer fruits like watermelon a hydrating treat.  Serve them cold dishes like curds with rice, buttermilk, or peanut butter with curds, etc. 

Summer foods like bananas, oranges, cucumbers are always encouraged to give a balance to their hydration and nutrition. Increase the intake of liquid of your pet by any means. 

Avoid serving foods that contain salt and added sugar like ice creams, chocolates, and hot foods.

Keep Them Indoors:

It’s nothing to repeat that even your pet needs a cool place to stay during summer. Keeping them in cool dry shaded places is the safest option to make them stay away from heatwaves. 

Let them consume enough water or watery fruits to give them a comfortable feeling. Ice packs are great ways to cool and relax them in case your pet is long-haired.

Don’t Lock Them Inside The Car:

Make sure to note that your pet is not let locked inside the car alone. It can lead to heatstroke or suffocation within minutes of difference. 

The temperature inside a closed car can go up to 40 degrees Celcius by 10 minutes if left in the direct sun. 

Take your pet along with you always in case you have to go out of the car.

Check The Surface Before They Step Onto It:

With the soar in temperature surfaces made of asphalt, metals, or concretes get too hot. Directly exposed surfaces to sunlight absorb heat to a huge extent leaving all the slabs, streets, pavements to get extremely hot. 

Stepping onto those surfaces your pet’s paws might burn during the daytime. Therefore, it is advised to check the surface temperature before taking them out for a walk or play.

Avoid Direct Exposure to Sunlight:

Let them play outdoors either in the evening or early morning. Fix a soothing time for their entertainment and outdoor activities to avoid direct exposure to sunlight for a long time. 

Do not make them exercise in extremely hot and humid climates to avoid health distress. 


Prefer to shampoo your pet with cooling properties like aloe vera and tea tree oil. Free your pet from all the bindings like the collar, leashes, clothes, etc during summer. 

It is extremely important to allow them to roam around freely for some time at least without any accessories to enjoy the best summer journey.

If you find any suspicious symptoms in your pet feel free to contact us immediately. Book an online vet consultation or vet visit at home if the condition is severe. Onpets is always at your service to save your fur-baby! 


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