How To Travel With Your Pet In India

How To Travel With Your Pet In India

The journey is a lifetime one when the companion is your pet. It is exceptionally exciting and fun-filled to travel with your pet 

To make the travel action-packet and successful it is favorable for you to get the guidelines first and prepare yourself accordingly well ahead of time. 

Get a Fitness Certificate

Get a fitness certificate from the vet and a letter saying your pet is ready to travel with you. The vaccination track record is equally essential as documents to carry. 

Most carriers avoid animals with sedatives, as it may lead to severe health issues or even life threats. Instead, do give them natural calmer before traveling for a safe journey.

Do not feed your pet before traveling if he goes through this condition. Instead, hydrate them as much as possible with water.

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Flight Travel

Pets below 8 weeks of age and 12 weeks (exceptional cases) and pregnant animals are not allowed to board.

Certain animal breeds and their crossbreeds are not allowed to fly due to their temper and related health issues. It’s best to get thorough information regarding your pet and its breed before travel. 

In most cases, your pet has to travel in the cargo like other baggage; only Air India allows pets in the cabin, only if the weight does not exceed 5 kg altogether (Pet and Carrier).

It is best to contact the travel authority in advance since there is a limitation on the number of pets to be traveled on each flight.

Train Travel

The Indian Railways has specified the guidelines to carry a dog, but you are most welcome to travel even if you have pets other than a dog. 

To travel on a train, you need to get your reservation in first-class or airconditioned first class with either the two or four-berth completely. 

You can keep your pet with you if you book the full berth. But if things go wrong and any one of the passengers objects from that compartment regarding his presence, you have to shift your pet to the luggage van then and there. 

Your pet can also be carried in the luggage van with a suitable carrier. But you are the only person to look after your pet by providing food and water for the whole journey.

Crating Is Important

Buy a crate in advance and let them get habituated to it gradually by helping them fight fear and discomfort. 

Do not feel down to crate your pet. Instead, keep in mind his safety and comfort. Crate your pet with IATA approved cage to ensure it has enough space to stand, lie down and turn around comfortably during the journey. 

Ensure the crate is featured with good ventilation, made of non-chewable material, leakproof, and can be shut properly. Remember to label the crate with the necessary information like the owner’s name, address, contact details, flight details, etc.


Nothing can be more important than your pet’s health. 

Therefore, be very confident before traveling, be it by any means. It is vital to ensure that your pet is comfortable and safe during the journey. 

Be ready to face all the hurdles in public places and make a backup plan to ensure a successful journey. Your pet’s reaction to travel, whether by plane or train, is unpredictable and solely depends on how he is going to feel inside.

Therefore, follow specific travel guide instructions and preparedness to save it from a disastrous nightmare. 

Make sure your pet is physically fit before a trip. Book an online vet consultation  or vet visit at home service  now! Onpets is always at your service to help your fur-baby! 


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