Small Dog Breed or Large Dog Breed? Pros and Cons

Small dog breed vs large dog breed

Which one to adopt a small or a large dog breed? This is the first question that comes to your mind when planning to take ownership of a dog.  

Before adopting any dog, you must be sure and aware of its characteristics and features with respect to your financial viability and lifestyle of course.

Therefore, let us explore their pros and cons in accordance with their size.

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Small Dog Breeds Pros:
They are the Cutest of All

Might be some of the pup’s facial structure is unattractive, but are extremely super cute and adorable. The small ball appearance and structure of these breeds look more composed, active, and playful. 


Longevity is High

Smaller dog breeds usually live as long as 12 to 15 years of life, experts say. However, their experiments are still on and the exact cause of this is yet to get confirmed. 

Small-sized breeds are prone to fewer health issues than large breeds. They may suffer from old age-related issues but lacks additional health problems like obesity.


They are Easily Accommodable

Small breeds are perfect for small living apartments and usually consume less space. They can get accustomed to any type of living style.

They enjoy sitting on your living room sofa or maybe on your couch sometimes. Taking them to travel is extremely fun and comfortable due to their tiny structure. They do extremely well in a nuclear family.


They Cost Less

Products for small breeds are comparatively cheaper. Money spent on them like food, grooming essentials all tends to cost less.  

The most exciting news is that their daily needs are available in local markets also rather than going for specific stores.


Exercise Requirement is Not Much

Every dog needs exercise both physical and mental for maintaining its activeness and wellbeing. But small breeds tend to demand less exercise requirement from their owners.

Going for a run with your pup is not actually required in this case. Engaging them with mind games, tricks, playing with toys, etc, is enough for them. 


Seeks Less Attention

Whatever may be their coat type usually their maintenance is easy and less time-consuming. 

They require less attention and are just happy themselves.

Small Dog Breeds Cons:
Training them is Difficult

Might be due to their size or not, they lack the ability to receive training instructions and hence in turn can be destructive in nature sometimes. 

You have to limit their access to home furniture, food, or other resources to save them from damages. 

A little to bit more guidance is enjoyed by them gradually with time. It depends on your capability how well you can manage and train them.


Prone to Injury More

Make sure to leash your pup whenever you are out with him. Meeting and greeting with other large animals often can result in extreme distress situations making a possession to visit the vet soon. 

They can even get hurt by jumping from stairs, furniture, or while running.

Large Dog Breeds Pros
Training Them is Easier

Large dogs and their bad habits are easily noticeable and you will get the chance to rectify them accordingly. They have an intrinsic nature to follow their owner in their daily life. Therefore, automatically they inherit your way of lifestyle.

Giving them small instructions to work, they would enjoy fulfilling it.  As a whole, they are well obeyed if trained well. 

They Enjoy Exercise

Exercise is good for them. Large breeds need a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes of exercise or walk every day. So, if you are wondering to go for an hour’s exercise, just make them your companion happily and they would engage you completely.

Will Protect You

Large dog breeds are by very nature protective of their loved ones. They are possessed with behavior where they always show their eagerness to protect their owners and their house.  They will make you feel safe when in and around you. 

It works as a mental satisfaction even when they are leashed, back in your courtyard, that someone is there as a watchdog.

Large Dog Breeds Cons:
Longevity is Low

Due to their additional health problems concerning a huge structure, they fall sick too early in their lifespan and hence their chances of suffering are high. It is mentioned by the experts that large breeds live a shorter life. 


Require More Space

Space is definitely going to be an issue if you are planning to have a large breed dog in a small apartment. 

Remember to choose according to your space as their accessories like a bowl, grooming kits, play toys, their beds, all need ample space to store. 


They Cost More

Essentials for large-sized dogs are incurring huge expenses along with their chews, treats, toys, and all. The grooming kits are not available in the general market and hence you have to go to pet stores to maintain their quality. 

Large dogs come with more health problems and thus need more financial ability along with huge devoted time.


No matter what the size is, all dog breeds are equally lovable, smart, intelligent and loyal towards their owners. It is just we who try to justify them because of our own strengths or constraints. 

But for the sake of their happy upbringing, researching their pros and cons with respect to size is a must.

No matter what size your pet is, please get in touch with us immediately if you suspect any suspicious symptoms.  Book an online vet consultation or vet visit at home if the condition is severe. Onpets is always at your service to save your fur-baby! 


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