Why Do Cats Eat Grass?


Replacing their delicious foods with grass is too common among cats. We will help you to explore the reasons why do cats eat grass.

Why is my cat eating grasses?

They do it to get some natural relief from stress thereby minimizing their discomfort.  Time to consult your vet is when they consume a lot of grasses and vomit every single day.  

However, eating in moderation with no added pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals on it is absolutely fine.

It’s a Natural Habit:

When you find your cat depending on grasses without any reason then it’s simply because they prefer the taste of it, or need to eat grass to ease their sore throat, experts say.

It is absolutely fine to chow down on grasses in minimum amount as it is part of their entertainment too. The texture of grasses is strongly preferred by them and hence remains active through the chewing action. 

Vitamin and Mineral Supplement:

Remember your fur baby graze on grass at times to boost their vitamin levels. Grass contains folic acid, chlorophylls, and vitamin A and D with it.  

Folic acids promote the synthesis of new DNA cells, improve digestion, and enhance the oxygen level in your cat’s bloodstream. 

Chlorophylls help in providing a fresh breath to your cat along with improving oxygen supply to the bloodstream. 

Vitamin A is full of goodness for your cat. It promotes night vision and improves the overall immune system of your cat. It contains antioxidants and cancer-fighting properties as well.


Aids Digestion:

It’s an indication that your cat is not feeling well and it’s related to some kind of stomach issue. Grasses relieve them from constipation during stomach upset and thus help in the process of digestion.

Cats usually lack enzymes that break down too many grasses, hence they induce vomit to clear their undigested materials like fur, feathers (of animals) from the stomach.

As a Laxative: 

Your pet has a tendency to chase mice or small birds at times. But that does not mean that they have the inbuilt power to digest those animals at all.  Grasses act as a laxative to help your pet digest animals like mice, birds, etc, and make it pass through the digestive tract easily.

Therefore, cat owners, you have a choice to induce nontoxic household plants at your home or set up a tray of grasses, or may startup with an herbal home garden to yield a better result in it.

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Source: petmd.com

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