Looking For A Pet Dermatologist?

Looking For A Pet Dermatologist in kolkata?

We have pet dermatologist specialize in the treatment
of skin, hair, nail and ear problems in pets

Pet Dermatologist in Kolkata

Most common skin conditions are

Skin issues in pets is very common in India and most of the time pet parents are either unaware of the situation and how it can impact their pets health. Mostly skin issues get aggravated due to fleas, ticks, dry skin, environmental changes, allergies, dehydration, and dietary Issues etc.

Redness or discoloration
Lesions or scabs in skin on dogs
Lesions or scabs
Scaly patches
Dry or flaky skin
Bald patches
dog skin Swelling or lumps
Swelling or lumps
Hot Spots on Dogs
Hot spots (areas where itching is particularly intense)

Pet Dermatologist in Kolkata

Symptoms may vary depending on the type of disease or infection that’s causing the problem. Different skin issues can also have similar symptoms.

which is why it’s so important to schedule a Vet visit  to get an accurate diagnosis and make sure your pet gets the right kind of care.

Dr. Sudipta Nag

Dr. Sudipta Nag

+3 years of experience,
B.V.SC & AH, M.V.SC (Medicine)
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Pritha Chakraborty#happypetparents
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I sought help for my cat from Onpets in an hour of dire emergency. They sent a very experienced and capable doctor who prescribed the right medicines which helped my cat regain her healthy self. And all of this service was delivered right to my doorstep, which was great considering the fact that my cat is very naughty and it is next to impossible to carry her along to a healthcare facility. Their service did not just end there, they called back a couple of times to enquire about her condition. Really thankful and grateful for all the help.
Sahana Roy Chowdhury#happypetparents
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Extremely happy with the online service provided by Onpets My dog was gaining weight and I really got scared whether it was due to change in metabolism or has he acquired any illness. Grateful to the doctors of Onpets for guiding me properly about why my dog was gaining weight and suggesting a diet chart for my pet. ❤
Rahul Kundu#happypetparents
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The availability and spontaneous response is what I liked most about Onpets, since in certain cases your pet needs immediate care and it gets difficult to take them to a vet and get them treated. Onpet set me up with an online doctor consultation and sent over professionals to my place very quickly. They continued to maintain dialog regarding any queries that we had and followed up on my cats condition. Overall it was a very satisfying experience to deal with them.
Rim Dev#happypetparents
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Had a great experience. I was very worried about my cat. I was feeling helpless that time. Onpets helped me a lot. They booked appointment for me, within 10 min Dr. Anirban Bhowmick has checked my cat through video call. And now my cat's health is quite good. Thank you so much Onpets for your support. Keep up the good work 👏 🙌 👍

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