Get your pet vaccination
done from the comfort of your home

Get your pet vaccination
done from the comfort of your home

Pet Vaccination in kolkata

Importance of Pet Vaccinations

The veterinarian recommends regular vaccinations for pets as part of their care. Vaccinating your pet helps strengthen its immune system and prevent diseases. Insuring your pet’s health is as important as vaccinating him.

Protection for Your Pet through vaccination
Protection for your pet

Pets’ health depends on vaccination, according to the Journal of Epidemiology and Infection. Vaccinations protect your pet from various diseases and infections.

Vaccination for Pet Legal Requirement
Legal requirement

Pet owners in India are advised to update their pet vaccinations, particularly the rabies vaccine, according to the VCI. It is still mandatory that you vaccinate your pets, even if they are in your home. 

Pet Vaccination for to Protection for Your Family
Protection for your family

Veterinary experts recommend pet vaccination to protect the human family that cares for the animal. Pet vaccines assist ward off zoonotic ailments like leptospirosis and rabies that can spread from animals to humans.

Vaccination for Pet travel & boarding rule
Pet travel & boarding rule

Pet boarding facilities & journey require forms indicating whole and updated vaccinations for pets earlier than accepting them. This ensures the safety of the entire facility.

Check out the vaccination schedule for dogs, cats

Dog, Cat Vaccination are an important part of your pet’s overall wellness plan and are required to prevent life-threatening infections. We provide all of the necessary core and non-core vaccines for your pet.

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