Get your pet travel certificates
from the comfort of your home

Planning for a trip with your pet?

Get your pet travel certificates
from the comfort of your home

Pet Travel Certificate in Kolkata

Domestic and international pet travel

Domestic travel certificates for dogs & cats

If you want to travel domestically with your cat or dog, you’ll usually need to present a travel certificate at the time of boarding the train or flight.

The regulations vary depending on which travel mode you are selecting, and how you’re getting there –

Like Indian railways & certain airlines have different requirements and specific forms for you to fill out about your pet.

International travel certificates for cats & dogs

It’s important to plan ahead if you want to take your pet overseas. Some countries have rigorous health criteria and entrance restrictions; for example, many nations require that your pet obtain a current rabies vaccination at least 30 days before travel.

Some nations may also ask you to quarantine your pet for a period of time when you arrive.

You can also find a breakdown of requirements for your destination at the USDA’s Pet Travel website.

International travel certificates for cats & dogs_Air_india

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Whether you’re traveling domestically or overseas, your pet will often need a health certificate. Our vets are certified and can assist you with the documentation required to travel with your pet anywhere in the world.

Any overseas travel and certain domestic interstate travel by railway or flight will require a travel certificate. but If you’re travelling inside your home state, you do not require a travel certificate unless you’re travelling by plane or train.

Yes, you’ll need a new travel certificate for each journey, whether international or domestic.
If you’re travelling to various locations in one trip, you could need multiple certificates, depending on where you’re going. 

Yes, an appointment is required to obtain a certificate for domestic or international travel. Your travel destination will determine how far in advance you will need an appointment.

Yes, you need to vaccinate your pet at least 7 days before your travel date. A proper vaccination record with a registered vet signature is mandatory to get the certificate.

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